Want to join the production crew?

You can volunteer, as in share some of your free time for the sheer pleasure (misery) of others. Let's get real: anyone signed up for Fish Rock needs help. We can't take responsibility for the psychological part, but we sure can do something about stoking you along the way. How that gets done at an event like this is with a small army of people who, if they didn't volunteer some of their time, it either wouldn't get done or we'd go for broke trying.

Volunteer shifts at Fish Rock range from setup and aid station prep help on Friday afternoon to SAG driving and aid station staffing during the race. One year, we called upon every able bodied volunteer to literally sweep the entire course where possible and pick up stragglers who were freezing from a cold winter sleet storm that hovered over the race for its entire duration. That day, we decided to move the event one month later so we'd never have to worry about that again.

So what volunteer duties will you be faced with this year? Hopefully just the ones you signed up for ;-)

This year, we have switched to a new volunteer sign up platform. Our objective is to make it almost effortless for you, while also easily tracking your hours across all of our events, as part of our new Volunteer Program. You will have one unique sign-in across all of our events. Once you have created an account, which is fast and easy to do, you will be able to sign up to volunteer at any of our events and you will not have to enter in your info every time you sign up. The only thing you have to do is remember your login.

We thank you!