Here's what you need to know about racing Fish Rock.

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72.4 Tough miles, 9,670 feet of elevation gain. It's super tough.

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MILE 0-25
The race starts with an immediate, 1.9-mile, 700-foot climb. So you'll want to be warmed up a bit before we say "GO". After that there's a brief, but fast road descent before the first formidable climb. Watch out because it's early in the race, and your adrenaline will be pumping. Save it here, and don't blow a turn. These descents are fast, steep and technically challenging with some areas that have loose gravel in turns, blind turns and potholes.

After this first major climb, you'll have another fast descent, rollers and another moderate climb to aid station #1. Once you've seen aid station 1, you'll begin a gradual descent on rolling roads to a white-knuckle dive toward the Pacific Ocean. Speeds in excess of 50MPH are easily achieved here, and if you crash it's bad news. So please don't risk it!

MILE 15-Rest Stop 1.

MILE 20-DANGER: One right-hand turn in particular at mile 20 is particularly dangerous because it has a decreasing radius and can send you into the other lane of oncoming traffic at more than 40 miles per hour. Just watch out on your approach to the coast.

MILE 25: You have already climbed 4,000 feet.

MILE 25 - 28: This 4-mile stretch of the course is along the Pacific Coast Highway 101. It's smooth and extremely well-suited for pack animals looking to pace-line and make up time. As soon as you reach the small, obvious town of Point Arena, you'll make a quick right-left hook as you turn on to Riverside Drive... DO NOT BLOW THROUGH TOWN! You need to pay particularly close attention inside Point Arena. The turn on to Riverside Drive is difficult for us to mark well with so many other distractions like traffic, parked cars, buildings and the movement of other people. We will position a race official here to help, but it's up to you to pay close attention, especially since you'll be hauling the mail with your friends on this relatively flat segment. If you mess up and blow through town instead of making the left-hand turn on Riverside Drive, you'll be off-course and our SAG drivers may not find you. Just remember, you should only be on HWY 1 for 4 miles. The first town you come to is Point Arena, and is your signal to put your head up and be alert for the turn.

MILE 28 - 39: These next 11 miles are tough. The roads are smooth and there's very little traffic. But what traffic there is travels fast and isn't used to seeing many bicycles along their route. So please give right-of-way to vehicle traffic when possible as there's no shoulder to speak of. Over these next 11 miles you will also climb another 1,800'.

MILE 36-Rest Stop 2.

MILE 39-40--DANGER: This is your left-hand turn on to Fish Rock Road--a left-hand turn on a road where cars travel fast. So stay alert, and don't turn left until you know for sure it's clear in both directions! Additionally, Fish Rock Road begins with a ripping, chunky-paved descent before turning to gravel. So keep your mind straight and descend with caution.

MILE 40-55--HAAAAARD: Fish Rock is gravel now, pure gravel, and for the most part it's in incredible condition because the route is designated as an emergency evacuation route between HWY 128 and the coast, so the County is obligated to give it more care than normal. HOWEVER, it is extremely steep in spots, and in those spots, the gravel can be a bit loose. The first major climb is a solid 4 miles straight up, and it's gravel all the way until mile 55.

DANGERS: Fish Rock's main danger is loose gravel. On the ascents, you can slip out and fall over while clipped-in. Aside from being embarrassed, it hurts. But the real danger is the loose gravel on the descents. Fish Rock Road is well-kept, but it's not smooth on a road bike when you're going down hill at speed. Road tires will lack grip descending, and you need to exercise an overabundance of caution while doing so.

MILE 55 - 64: It's pavement again, and while it's mostly downhill there are still some moderate climbs to contend with. By the end of it you're going to be pretty cooked. You'll have logged well over 9,000' of climbing.

MILE 64-72 (finish): The last 6 miles are on highway 128. There's no shoulder, and there is a fair bit of traffic. Pace-line, and dig deep because this will be over before you know it. HWY 128 is a very fast section of road, for bikes too. There's some climbing left to do but you'll get through it and we'll see you at the finish line.

THE FINISH LINE: As soon as you make it out into the final mile of the course, it will be a long, straight road with fields on either side. The finish line is on the right side of the road just before you reach the brewery. We'll grab your time, and you go grab a beer.


Everybody starts together at 10:00 am Saturday. Traditional overall scoring is captured at Fish Rock. The top three men and top three women for the day will be recognized in various age groupings. The finish line is just before the Boonville City limits sign. We'll be there waiting for you.


We'll be giving away great prizes to those who place in their age/gender category. Age brackets are created based on number of riders in each 10 year age group.

Podium spots get a fabled one-of-a-kind commemorative poster.